Training and Support

Training is the single most significant event in the life of a new distributor. It's where the majority of information is provided to the new business owner, and it sets the tone and nature of the relationship. That's why we use this time to teach you everything you need to start your new business venture on the right foot—from use of the equipment to the day-to-day operations of running a successful SAVON distributorship.

But the support doesn't end there. When you purchase a SAVON franchise, you become a full partner in the SAVON experience, with 24/7 technical, operations, and marketing support. One simple call gets you all the help you need.

Marketing—Let Us do it for You!

The hardest part of starting a new business is getting customers. With SAVON, that's not a problem! SAVON is only successful when our distributors are successful, so we engage in nationwide advertising and marketing campaigns to increase your visibility as a distributor.

Every SAVON van and distributor isn't just an advertisement for their own business. They're advertising yours, too! Because each distributor enjoys a protected, exclusive territory, you aren't in competition with other SAVON distributors! You benefit from the recognition of the SAVON image, whether your customers see you in their neighborhood, near their work, or while on vacation!

SAVON is also on television! We recently produced a series of infomercials that have been shown to dramatically increase customer interest and response in the SAVON product. In the week following the very first showing of a SAVON infomercial, there was a 400% increase in customer requests in comparison to the preceeding week. We can work with you to schedule showingsin your area, and because of our size and national reach, we can purchase airtime in bulk and keep costs extremely low.

As a SAVON distributor, you can take advantage of our success and name recognition and let the customers come to you, without having to do any marketing or advertising on your own. Of course, our proven materials are included in your distributor package, and they will enhance your market visibility even further!

A "Turn-Key" Business Opportunity

Because everything is included, you'll be able to get your new SAVON distributorship up-and-running almost overnight. And, the day-to-day operations of your new distributorship will be as easy as they are profitable. The possibilities are endless!

Our marketing is proven successful, and we share our techniques with you so that you're able to develop a loyal customer base of homeowners and commercial accounts. You'll have everything it takes to be an efficient, effective, and profitable SAVON distributor!

We make every aspect of your business simple and efficient. Whether man or woman, young or old, owning a SAVON franchise is within your reach. We encourage you to consider owning your own SAVON franchise and experience the benefits that other SAVON providers enjoy!

The SAVON system is proven to work. Whether you make it your part-time job, or your full-time career, you'll start earning income very quickly. And remember, the amount you can make as a SAVON distributor is limited only by how much time you want to put into it!

Our product is one of a kind, and available only to SAVON distributors, so contact us today!



Becoming a
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