Protected Territories

When you purchase a SAVON distributorship you're also purchasing an area that is yours for as long as you own the business. We do this so that you will never be in competition with another SAVON provider.

This kind of true "ownership" gives our distributors the security they desire, and builds a sense of community within the organization. And since distributors don't compete with each other, they become partners, sharing experience, knowledge, marketing tips, and even leads that are outside their protected area.

Everything You Need

At SAVON, we believe in our product and what it can do for you, your future customers, their carpets, and the environment. So, SAVON gives you all the necessary tools to build your business.

As a new SAVON distributor, you'll receive the following:

Professional Carpet Cleaning

With a new Chevrolet van a $92,500 investment.

Your van is custom lettered to create an instant marketing display, proven throughout the industry to be successful. Your new van is equipped with:

  • 100 gallon double reinforced fiberglass tank with four jet agitation system
  • An 11-HP electric start Honda engine
  • Three cylinder porcelain coated triple diaphragm inline pump system, which provides up to 650psi of pressure
  • Two hose reels
  • 280 feet of " double lined reinforced hose with two-speed electric reel
  • 100 feet of 3/8" double reinforced fill hose
  • Two powder coated steel racks, which allow you to carry 12 containers of product for constant mixing
  • One refrigerated lunch box

Of course, there's more to owning and running a SAVON distributorship than the van. So, SAVON includes all the business and marketing materials you'll need as well. Such as:

  • Five SAVON golf shirts, with custom front and rear embroidery
  • Two SAVON jackets, with custom front and rear embroidery
  • Two SAVON caps, with custom front and rear embroidery
  • Ten hand towels, with custom top and bottom embroidery
  • Six SAVON printed cup holders
  • 5000 business cards
  • 5000 door hangers
  • 2500 reminder post cards
  • 2500 marketing magnets
  • 2500 envelopes
  • 2500 tri-fold brochures
  • 25 yard signs
  • 76 2.5 gallon jugs of SAVON liquid carpet cleaner
  • One theft-proof locking jug rack, which holds six 2.5 gallon jugs of cleaning fluid

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Becoming a
SAVON Distributor


Member Temecula Chamber of Commerce

Member Murrietta Chamber of Commerce