Tile and Grout

SAVON has it's own patent tile and grout cleaning system. Cleaning your tile and the grout area in-between is a tough job and sometimes, almost impossible. Grout is full of pores, so it allows dirt, grease, and other contaminants to get trapped below the surface, which regular mopping cannot reach. In fact, sometimes mopping can make it worse, because it leaves the residue from dirty detergent in the grout lines. Which makes even the most attractive tiles loose their overall appeal.

That's why you need SAVON to get your tile floor looking shiny, new, and beautiful. SAVON's patented tile and grout cleaning equipment incorporates vapor steaming, scrubbing, vacuum, and a high pressure rinse to remove the contaminants that mopping leaves behind.

Once the cleaning is done, SAVON will apply a latex based color sealer that will keep your tile floor protected for years. The color sealer is applied into your grout lines, which closes up the pores, and makes cleaning your tile floor easy! Simple spills and messes wipe right up without penetrating into the grout. So you'll have a clean, fresh looking tile floor for years. It's also gives you the option to change the color of your grout lines while protecting the floor. SAVON's technicians are trained and certified in the application of these products and offer the best option for protecting your floors.


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