SAVON has it's own patent upholstery cleaning system! Our professional upholstery technicians are specially trained in the care of all fabric types, and even the most delicate materials. So they know what the proper upholstery cleaning solution for your furniture is.

Furniture makes a room into a show case just as much as a carpet does. This is why SAVON uses the same procedure for upholstery cleaning as we do for carpet cleaning. Our exclusive two-step upholstery cleaning system begins with a heated upholstery cleaning solution, which is sprayed deep into the fibers to loosen embedded dirt and stains. Then we use a high-powered extraction and pH-balancing fiber rinse to remove the dirt and cleaning solution. So you have fresh smelling fabric and furniture.

All upholstery materials are different and SAVON can tackle whatever upholstering cleaning you need, in the correct way. Our technicians have experience with the full range of materials used for different sorts of upholstery.

Just like carpet manufacturers, most major upholstery companies apply a protector to their furniture. Though in the same way, the protection wears off over time. SAVON offers a reapplied protector to help preserve the color, beauty, and life of your furniture. It will also keep spills from becoming stains, as long as the spill is cleaned up immediately.

The final step is our patented upholstery deodorizing system. Odors from pets and food can stay in your furniture, which makes your whole house smell bad. This process actually digests the organic matter that's causing the smell, leaving your furniture smelling!

SAVON's patent upholstery cleaning systems is done with tour own patented equipment. This machine lets our technicians operate three cleaning speeds and run two wands simultaneously, so they have the flexibility of selecting the heat and vacuum needed for the size of the job. It also can go up to 40 minutes without dumping from the fresh water tank, which cuts time in half for the job to be completed.

SAVON is the only carpet care company that is open 24 hours. This opens more options to work around your busy schedule. We have technicians available at all shifts during the day and night to service your needs.



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